What’s On?

Tuesday 19 April

7.30 pm Home Heating Options

With Colin Simpson

Reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills..

Wednesday 20th

7.30pm The Science Bits

Retrofitting your Home

how do you do it? What does it mean? What are the benefits? with Colin Simpson

7.30 pm The Bacon Factory

The History of Community Power in Callan

3pm Kitchen Table Talks

Creating an Active Travel Friendly Town

With Grainne Kennedy and Catriona Corr

We spend hours each week travelling. Hours going to work, school, training and to see family.

Some of the ways that we travel are costing us more and more money, while polluting our air.

How can we travel without costing ourselves and the planet? How can we drive better? How can we design our roads to be friendlier for different types of transport? And how can we do all this with more joy and better health.

Join Gráinne Kennedy of the 3 Counties Energy Agency and Caitriona Corr of Kilkenny County Council to see how communities and individuals can travel well and workshop ideas for improving transport in Callan.

7.30 pm The Buzz

Green Ringo with Ronan Leonard

Join us for Music Bingo with a green theme

11am Coffee Morning:

No, Seriously, What’s Going on Lads?

3pm Kitchen Table Talks:

What’s in it for Callan?

Asylum Productions in conversation with the town…

7.30pm Movie Night at Fennelly’s of Callan

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

Come and get dressed up as your favourite Mad Max character or just in post-apocalyptic costume as we celebrate a month of extraordinary encounters at the Energy Store with this 1985 Epic classic starring Mel Gibson and Tina Turner.