Our Story

Why are we doing this?

We at Asylum are story tellers.
We are also parents of young children, deeply concerned about the future of our planet.

During the first Covid lockdown we ripped out our ageing, oil guzzling boiler, and replaced it with a biomass CO2-neutral log boiler. Our main motivation was that in five years time we can still face our daughters, when they become grumpy teenagers and start asking awkward questions about what we as parents have done to help our ailing planet.

As theatre makers we have a long history of ambitious theatre projects in Callan.

We are pragmatic, realistic optimists, and we thrive on bringing people together.

As story tellers, how can we harness the power and energy generated during those projects, to make a meaningful contribution to the future story of our town?

So what is it?

The Callan Energy Store is an invitation to a conversation.

A conversation about our future story.

Our history is formed from the story we tell ourselves. 

So too is our future. And stories are powerful agents of change.

At the end of the day, Asylum is just a theatre company. 

We’re not a corporate multinational or a powerful lobby group. 

We can’t change the world. 

But like everyone else, we can change a small part of it.

And we’re firm believers in the Power of One. 

And each little ‘one’ when all added together becomes a powerful force for change.

Just look at every revolution. 



Like it or not, we are on the cusp of the greatest revolution in history.

So what one change can you make??

Come and join us, and lets find out.