Coffee Mornings

The Energy Store Coffee mornings are a chance for everyone to sit and take stock. Admission FREE. All welcome.

What are we gonna do, lads?

11am – 1pm

A gathering of anyone who wants to – if you’re just a bit curious about conserving energy, and the contents of your wallet, or you’re a total expert and just want to meet like-minded individuals. All are welcome.

EV or not EV?

11am – 1pm

Time to get down to it. Are they any good? What’s the story with them? Are they slow? Can I have the heating on while driving? How far can they go? Are they really saving the planet, though?

All these questions answered and more in the company of a variety of EV owners, EV curious and EV sceptics.

All welcome.

No, seriously, WHAT’s GOING ON LADS?

11am – 1pm

Time to talk about it, really.

Does climate change affect us in Callan? What have I got to do with that stuff? Don’t we live a long way from the North Pole?

What can we do about it as a community?